Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vertebrate and Invertebrate Link

On a doc, please title it "Vert/Invert" and:
1. List the 8 kinds of invertebrates and 5 vertebrates.
2. Give three examples of each kind.
3. Find an image of each animal. 

Choose 1 vertebrate and 1 invertebrate to sketch out. This will eventually become a scientific diagram. Put both animals on the same page and label them.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Room 20 Classroom Notes April 21-25

Good Week!
PLEASE BRING IN ALL NECESSARY PAPERWORK FOR CAMP IMMEDIATELY! We must send in all medical forms next week. I will be making calls this week to make sure we are on the same page. We will be sharing quite a bit of work throughout the week. We will be sharing poetry, book reviews and research projects. We will also be taking the OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) Reading test. This will take two to three days. Students will have the opportunity to take breaks while testing whenever students feel they are needed. In math, we will be working with decimals and percentages. The next time you are at the market or store, please speak with your child about percentage and savings/spending. We will also be having a consistent Health unit time in the afternoons this week. The kids showed much maturity and interest in knowing about this important topic. Noah from Johnson Creek Watershed Council said he is available in early May. I thought about this and determined it was not a good fit with Art Night and camp in that timeframe. Therefore, I am advocating for doing our field study in late May. We will be going to our Reed College Science field trip on the morning of Wednesday, April 30th. I still need four volunteers. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing such wonders as a nuclear reactor, chemistry experiments, biological equipment, scientists, and Reedies galore! We also need volunteers for the Fifth Grade Promotion that will take place on the last day of school. Please contact me if this also interests you. Finally, all paperwork went home regarding science fair information. I have conferenced with just about everyone and am looking forward to seeing these wonderful scientific endeavors. Ciao.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Jobs: April 21-25
Phone- Mariah
Write down homework (after specials)- Jacqueline
Technology Hook-up- Alex
Mail- Marcus
Room Assistance- Joey

Substitute- Nora

Monday, April 14, 2014

Room 20 Classroom Notes April 14-18

Good Week! We will be sending home two packets of information to you this week: one based on FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health), and our spring science fair project. Also, PLEASE return camp packets and funds. Also also, many of our classmates from room 20 will be performing this Friday in, "We Open Tomorrow Night!" I'm going and hope you will, too. We visit Sellwood Middle School this Friday to see the real MaCoy- Middle School Life! Please check the classroom calendar on the classroom blog. We finish a poetry book project this week. The students have until Friday to finish the project. The poems are beautiful! In math, we finish decimals and will have an end of the unit test next week. We also do a mini unit on percentages. In reading, we read "Ghost Towns of the American West," and do associated vocabulary work and spelling. Essay of the week is a letter to ourselves as a thirty year-old. We are finishing up a video on the Mayflower journey and discuss the events about this harrowing venture. We begin our state reading assessment on Monday, April 21st. Be sure to get plenty of rest and good, clean food. I can't reiterate enough- Please remember to get your paperwork and money in for camp. I have not heard back from Noah (Johnson Creek Watershed Council), which means he is super busy or he is on a special project outside of Portland. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from him, but we may push our field study to May. We will be going to Reed College for a special Science Field Trip. I need at least four chaperones. Might you be one??? Let me know ASAP. It is all am, 8:40-11:30. Thanks in advance.